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Platinum Stand Up

Platinum Stand Up

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Looking for a powerful and effective way to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow? Look no further than the Tanses T-50 Beam-Up tanning bed! This stand-up tanning bed is designed to deliver a convenient and efficient tanning experience that can help you achieve your desired level of bronzing.

With 50 high-pressure lamps that emit UV rays, the Tanses T-50 Beam-Up offers a powerful and effective way to achieve a deep, long-lasting tan. The bed is equipped with a digital timer that can be easily programmed to control the length of each tanning session, giving you complete control over your tanning experience.

In addition, the Tanses T-50 Beam-Up features a cooling fan system that helps to regulate the temperature and keep you comfortable during your tanning session. This makes it a great choice for those who want to get a tan quickly and comfortably.

At FunTan, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest in tanning technology. That's why we're excited to offer the Tanses T-50 Beam-Up to our customers. Manufactured by Tanses Technologies Pvt. Ltd., this tanning bed is known for its high quality and reliability.

So why wait? Come visit us and experience the power and convenience of the Tanses T-50 Beam-Up tanning bed today!

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Get prepared

Shower and exfoliate your skin well using sulphate free soap or body wash

It is best to shave before your spray tan session

Avoid using any make-up, deodorant, moisturizer or any oil based products on any body parts after you have completed your exfoliation process

Come in wearing dark loose, fitting clothing to avoid any colour transfer or rubbing after your session is complete and also during the colour processing time

In room

Put shower cap on and expose your ears and hairline

Apply barrier cream thoroughly on your hands and feet

Apply barrier cream on your finger nails and toe nails

Apply barrier cream to the palm of your hands, ankles, soles of your feet

Make sure the floor in the Versa Spa booth is wet (if not, ask the tanning consultant)

Make sure to wipe off all the barrier cream


Wash your hands

Do not shower or do any physical activity that will make you sweat for at least 6 to 8 hours (as long as possible) after your Versa Spa session, as the DHA continues to develop

Moisturize on a daily basis, especially after you shower

Avoid exfoliating your skin until you are ready to tan again

Extra Information


This solution doesn’t protect against UV rays exposure. Make sure to apply proper protection

The VersaSpa Sunless Bronzing formula is completely water soluble. Users may notice some initial cosmetic color on the inside of their clothing, but this color will wash out in cold water.

* Please Note: Salt water and chlorine will affect the life of your Versa Spa tan

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